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The wine factory is an exclusively organically farmed small business in the heart of the Middle Moselle. Our personal goal is to have as little interference with the environment & Nature authentic & to produce terroir-emphasized wines.


We rely on old vines on steep slopes that promise the highest quality with an age of over forty years. The focus here is clearly on class rather than quantity. 


With great attention to detail and respect for tradition and origin, we preserve our old vines like little treasures. A large part of the vineyard area is still cultivated according to the old method of Moselle pile cultivation and has been done in some cases for almost 80 years. All plots are harvested with the greatest care and exclusively using selective hand-picking in several steps. When it comes to further processing, we avoid all chemically or artificially produced additives and industrial manufacturing processes.


Our credo is, “Produce vintages, not reproduce them.”. Because each vintage is uniquely shaped by abiotic and biotic factors. Our aim is to make these special features and characteristics tangible for you. We always engage with nature in order to perfectly express the characteristics of the individual terroir in harmony with it. This makes it possible to create wines that are typical of the region as well as those that are specific to the vintage.

Certified organic, sustainable and authentic




            Seit 2024 Mitglied im         Bundesverband Ökologischer Weinbau e.V.

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The project to preserve the 2,100 square meters of unrooted vines in Wolfer Sonnenlay came about rather spontaneously in the winter of 2018. Our vineyard was originally farmed conventionally & switched to organic farming immediately after we took over. For the love of craftsmanship & We have remained true to the tradition of complex single-pole training & thus preserving the image of our typical Moselle cultural landscape. As the manufactory's first wine ever, our “Mother Ship” is still produced in small annual editions to this day. Our winemaker Steven Schmidt was able to add other winged wines like the renowned The “Bernkasteler Badstube” location has now expanded the cultivation area to a total of 1 hectare. 



My team of best friends helped me farm this vineyard together for the last time until 2023, and together they laid the foundation for the Wine Manufacture Steven Schmidt.

If you have any further questions for us,

write us gladly.

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